Meet the BADASS female characters in the Be Strong Enough Series!

Book One ~ STILL CRAZY March 2021


Book Three ~ THE COTTAGE at The Inn in Rhode Island 2023

The series has many characters, most are relatable, loveable, and inspiring. Readers claim these are friends they want to keep.

WHAT character reminds you of yourself?

Julie Holliday is your protagonist. She’s strong minded, sexy as… well you know and she knows how to fight for what she wants. Julie’s the heroine who’s more than a pretty face. She’s a passionate savvy business woman, wife and friend. Julie is loyal to everyone she knows. Her flaws ~ she can’t keep a penny in her pocket!

Amie-Jo plays the role of a babysitter.

Amanda is a teacher who runs the daycare. She’s loveable, caring and she has a way for teaching young children.

Barbara is the type of therapist you want your loved ones going to see. She’s brutally honest and she knows the questions to ask in order to get her patients to open up.

Bea is a fashionista! She’s so talented she attends the Fashion Institute in New York City. She’s everyone’s go to person for fashion ideas.

Brooke is chatty, loves music, dancing and she’s a master cake decorator.

Cathy runs the day spa. She’s the friend you’ll want to keep. Confident, trustworthy, and she’s a down right happy person.

Christina Stellate is a fashion model from New York City who graces the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Christine is gorgeous. When she wears red lipstick, you think you’re looking at a Hollywood Movie Star! But, when she suffers from childbirth postpartum depression ~ stand back because she’s on fire with everyone and everything.

Deborah is a spiritual healer who believes in love, light and laughter. She offers divine energy, guidance and a healing for your heart, mind and soul. She loves being outdoors near water, sunlight and under moonlit skies.

Erin is a young mother, trying to find her way. She has no one to guide her. Her past holds a secret, strong enough to change her course.

Geri is a realtor, married for the third time. She has a luxe and beauty about her. She cares for the environment, her neighborhood and her friends. If you’re sick, Geri is the one at your front door with soup.

Gina Marie is everyone’s best friend. She’s a budget master. Knows how to get the job done and on time. She loves riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle, traveling and she enjoys teaching others how to paint landscapes.

Jessica held a secret from everyone. She has a teaching degree. She loves handing out job duties and overseeing a project to the end.

Kelly loves the food business – from serving to running her own place. She has a flair for creating everyone’s favorite dish.

Kourtnee is the most trusted friend you’ll ever meet. Your secrets are safe with her and so is your money. She’s the loyal bookkeeper you’re glad you hired.

Lady is the star in the book. She’s the best chocolate Labrador Retriever in the world. Lady is the first responder to many broken hearts, souls and minds.

Lynnae is feisty! She’s a free spirit who answers to no one, and everyone knows it. She’s a vivacious, bright-eyed employee who volunteers for everything because she wants to learn the business of baking.

Mary is the best baker in Rhode Island. Her bakery wins every contest. She’s also the one person who holds the biggest heart in the story.

Michelle Eggink is a fashion model from New York City who retires early and becomes a meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Molly is an interior designer who is great at attention to detail. Within no time, she opens her own studio.

Rose is a voluptuous therapist who enjoys counseling couples on how to maintain a happy and healthy marriage.

Sabrina is an architect who is so good she expands her business in Rhode Island to Greenwich, Connecticut and Bronxville, New York. At any given moment she’ll take her Jimmy Choo’s off and slip on her hiking boots reminding you that she’s in full charge!

Stephanie never talks and she hates dancing, but she draws masterfully. She’s an artist who can draw anything.

Teresa sings like a songbird, runs away from everything she ever loved and, in order to survive she becomes a Point Judith Picker.

Tina has always had a dream to become a famous writer. At five-feet tall, she’s the mightiest person you’re ever going to meet.

Click the link above to read how their stories unfold in the BE STRONG ENOUGH SERIES.

Judy Prescott Marshall writes women’s contemporary fiction. She enjoys writing about strong women and their journey through it all. She earned her certificate – Write Your First Novel from Michigan State University. She has been feature in several publications. Received many awards for her writing and is currently writing a new series – The Lighthouse Series featuring the men in her stories.

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Judy Prescott Marshall is an American Novelist, who enjoys writing about real women facing life's many challenges. A multi-award-winning writer. Judy earned her certificate Write Your First Novel from Michigan State University. She is an avid reader, gardener, and lover of outdoor activities. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening, and blogging!

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