PLEASE consider becoming a living liver donor?

This is my husband David Marshall with his doctor Dr. Lorna Dove, New York Presbyterian Columbia Hospital.
On October 2, 1976 I met my husband. He is still my every dream, desire and prayer. Today, he is need of a liver transplant. Back in the early seventies, David was diagnosed with Hepatitis. Back then they only tested for types A and B. It wasn’t until the early nineties when they discovered type C Hepatitis, also known as the silent killer.
I am asking anyone and everyone to please consider donating a piece of your liver to my husband. Wait, let me rephrase that…I am begging you to become a living liver donor. We have no children, we only have each other. (Because of my age 64, I am not a candidate.)
If you are blood type A positive you could be his living liver donor.
Your liver WILL grow back to full size within 12 weeks. I know –AMAZING right?
Your liver weighs 3 pounds. Women give birth every day to children weighing between six and ten pounds. It’s known as the GIFT of LIFE!
Estimated hospital stay for both the donor and the recipient is 3 to 7 days.
Recovery time is around 4 to 10 weeks. (Depending on your job)
You may qualify for loss wages.
Living donor is the most desirable because it provides immediate organ transplant.
A donor can be between the ages of 18 and 60.
Common donor complaints are fatigue and incision pain.
Living donors are able to donate their right or left lobes. Yes, you have two!
PLEASE, consider becoming a living liver donor. Your heart will thank you. I will love you for forever!

If you would like to donate specifically to David Marshall, please call 212 305-9381 and mention his name.
or you may go to the website to learn more about becoming a living liver donor:

I’m in tears just thinking about the HOPE this blog post offers. I pray you are the one! Bless your heart for reading to the end. Thank you in advance for SHARING!

Judy Prescott Marshall –Writer, wife warrior. (845) 905-2935

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