“His WIFE?” Are you kidding me?!

 Hannah Adams ~ American Author

The first American woman to become a professional writer.

Author of books on comparative religion and early United States history. Her first book, A View of Religion was published in 1784. Say it out loud 1784 Damn it!!

Born in Medford, Massachusetts on October 2, 1755. Like many writers born in America she grew up in a remote country town. She was in part self-educated. Lived in a time when a learned woman in New England was a rarity. In 1799, she published A Summary History of New England.

Hannah paved the way for so many great and wonderful female writers. Like…

Tabitha Jane King ~ American Author

Born March 24th ~ 194 years after Hannah, THANK YOU! Tabitha is a writer, philanthropist, wife and mother of three. Graduate of the University of Maine where she met her husband, Stephen through her work – study job in the Raymond H. Fogler Library.


Tabitha served on several boards and committees in the state of Maine. Received a Constance Carlson award for her work with literacy for the state of Maine. She serves as vice president of well known radio stations WZON/WZLO/WKIT and as well as in the administration of two family philanthropic foundations. She has an Honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters from the state of Maine in Orono. And she’s the recipient of the Dowd Achievement Award 

Writer and Poet

Published numerous novels, short stories and works of non-fiction. The list doesn’t stop there this busy woman also writes poetry.

In 1986 Tabitha and Stephen created the STK Foundation-promoting, strengthening, and supporting Maine communities. They’re a family foundation. Tabitha and Stephen work hand in hand! And they’ve been doing so together since 1971.

Bella Vista!

Every Sunday, I write my blog, bake something sweet for my husband and I look for pioneer, passionate women like Tabitha King to write about. Today, I wondered if Tabitha was baking something sweet for Stephen? Maybe, Stephen was making something wonderful for Tabby. Read his dedication page and you’ll see the bond, dedication and love these two have for each other. Side by side they get through the storms. When a man loves, really loves a woman…you know she’s a remarkable LADY! That she is! Today, I salute Tabitha King for standing up for herself, her name and her identity.

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Judy Prescott Marshall is an American Novelist, who enjoys writing about real women facing life's many challenges. A multi-award-winning writer. Judy earned her certificate Write Your First Novel from Michigan State University. She is an avid reader, gardener, and lover of outdoor activities. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening, and blogging!

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