Ladies ONLY #RoadTrip

“Sisters on the Fly”

Imagine waking up next to a streambed.

Founded in 1999 by two sisters. Their mission – offer empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures. All are encouraged to join in on one of their trips. Be careful…you’ll get spoiled rotten. You may even learn to fish, be a Western Cowgirl, run rivers, and go on adventures that are just pure highway traveling fun. The best part is gathering new sisters you didn’t know you had.      

Explore new trails!

Sister On the Fly is the largest women’s social group in the U.S. focusing on camping, outdoor activities and events empowering women to find friendship, network and amazing recreational fun. It all started with two sisters, Becky and Maurrie. Brought up by their adventurous mother, Mazie who was not only their best role model, she was their true inspiration. She inspired them to travel, go camping, fish and explore every horizon as empowered adventures. From one fishing trip to the next – life was too good to keep to themselves. Today they are over 10,250 women strong. Women from all ages, zip codes, and lifestyles. They’re glamping and living life, and doing it in some awesome looking vintage trailers. Rules are simple, no men or kids, just be nice and have fun. No, you don’t have to own a vintage trailer to tag along. Your teepee, tent, SUV or hotel reservation will do just fine. Adventures and fun awaits you. No matter where you are there’s a sister calling your name. From Sadie to Texas T, Lucille to the Rhinestone Cowgirl there’s a trailer with your name on it! Best of all…they even have a SOTF book club. Membership fee is ONLY $70.00.

A good book can take you to new teritories.

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Judy Prescott Marshall is an American Novelist, who enjoys writing about real women facing life's many challenges. A multi-award-winning writer. Judy earned her certificate Write Your First Novel from Michigan State University. She is an avid reader, gardener, and lover of outdoor activities. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening, and blogging!

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