The Call of the She-Moon.

“I am out with lanterns, looking for myself .”~ Emily Dickinson

On my nightly walk home I thought it was just me alone with my thoughts, my music , and that Great Big Wheel of Cheese in the Sky (science is lie) but then my solitude came to an abrupt hault.
Up until that moment, I had thought that because the world is this great big ocean that I could continue to float seamlessly, unnoticed, and unobtrusively. I was wrong. The ocean is mysterious , unsympathetic , but it also has a way of bringing things to the surface.
“Come with me my love to the sea of love,” an old forgotten song was playing in my earbuds. My head was centered on the dream from the night before, I thought I might have dreamt of love but in the morning it felt more like melancholy. A strange woman called , I swore she had called my name. A mother ? A business woman? Either way she would ask for directions.
“Thank god, I need to find something to wear. I can’t go home tomorrow wearing the same outfit. I met this guy an hour ago , so cute…”
The moon was not in the sky but in this woman’s eyes who had yet to lose the twinkle of her youth.
She winked at me and then in a blink she was gone . I found myself smiling. I wondered what she found to wear at target at ten o’clock at night. I wanted to know more about the man of her one time rendezvous. I hoped the the moon would shine into the morning. Everything changes in the light of day, a trick of the mind that only the the man and the moon can understand. So for now don’t look too hard and do not look too far; everything comes to play all in good time .  *Also, yada, yada, cow, moon, jumped. 🙂

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Judy Prescott Marshall is an American Novelist, who enjoys writing about real women facing life's many challenges. A multi-award-winning writer. Judy earned her certificate Write Your First Novel from Michigan State University. She is an avid reader, gardener, and lover of outdoor activities. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening, and blogging!

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